local vibes ~ Boy, Rayne, PVD Major, Krew$

I haven't been home for a while.. In the past 4 years,  I'd say that I haven't been home for longer than 3 months. For 4 years, I've been traveling, learning about myself and about the world around me, and most importantly I've been tryna get that diploma.

So basically, for 4 years I've been fitting in other places. I've been making foreign places my home. For 4 years, I've been learning the ins-and-outs of these places; their back alley ways, their secret hangouts, and their local artist. I've been gone for so long that I was and lowkey still am more comfortable fitting in to other places and 'their' art then my own. So much so that until recently I didn't realize the talent that my own city had to offer.

Last weekend I feel in love with the greatness of my city; its potential and the local talent. I was surrounded by good vibes, good people who are just tryna create and vibe with the people around them. Music that I thought could only be made in foreign places was and is being created right here by the young people around me. Rather than following a movement elsewhere, they're out here creating their own movement and their own distinct sound; their own art.

The feeling of listening to an artist and knowing that they're creatin' greatness in your city is like no other cause music made locally hits the heart in a different way. That shit speaks to you differently because though you may not really know the artist personally, you know that y'all come from the same place; rooted in similar ideals, styles, attitudes, and vibes. Your connection to the music is deeper because it was made with 'you' in mind.

Last week at Local 121 (a local venue), a bunch of local rappers came out to vibe and perform some of their songs. Rapper BOY kicked off the night with 'Opposites'. The NOVA produced beat made you feel like your flying through dark skies with ease cause nothing can hold you back. Boy's choice to rap the song in a monotone voice shows you that he can just ride the beat with ease and turn us up on some next level shit in an effortless like fashion. The next rapper Rayne hit us with her catchy tune 'On!'. That shit being the summer anthem had people out here feeling themselves and saying 'fuck you' to haters that some of them don't even have. After Rayne turnt the crowd all the way up, PVD Major kept us on that wave by performing his unreleased and highly anticipated song 'Champion'. If you thought we were anticipating the song's release before, then we're feenin' for it now. Finally, Rapper Krew$ ended the night by performing songs from his latest project 'Nothing To Talk About; Coast 2 Coast'. He had people in the venue tightly huddled around him, trying to hear what he had to say rather than moshing to his music. Instead of physically having react to his sound,  he had more of psychological effect with his sound.

I left the venue lit, a bit too tipsy, and feeling inspired. I realized that great shit is being made right here, around you. You just gotta be open to it. You don't even gotta look for it because its literally right in-front of your eyes.

So get with the local vibes and support your local artist because they're dope and they're the future. Stop lookin' for shit elsewhere thinking that there's nothing being created where your from. Be local, think globally, and get on that local wave. Love your neighbor and support them cause they high-key got the juice.

SO with that said, let me put you onto the dope artist in my city. Listen to their shit and feel proud of the talent around you.

Check out the pics and the artist's soundcloud below.also, if you take a picture from this post, thats cool.. just remember to tag our Instagram page cause we're a local artist too so you should support us as well.

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PVD Major


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Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/hlkrews/



Written June 14, 2016