When people ask me what #daytrill is, I lowkey can’t really think of an explanation that actually does it justice. Some say it’s a ‘day party’ but it’s highkey more than that. In my opinion #daytrill is a lifestyle. It’s good vibes, high waisted shorts, boys in tanks, too much hennessy, a lot of ass shakin’, mixed with those family/high school reunion type feels.  

When I walked into #daytrill, just me, my camera, a cup of henny, and my limited edition ‘Life of Pablo’ tee, I didn’t know what to expect as it’d been a while since my last #daytrill. I’m gonna keep it a buck with y’all and say, I was lit. Though some of the night was a blurr (too much henny and redbull), the moments I do vividly remember were nothing but good vibes. Walking around, talking to people that I’ve only seen on my timeline, having random talks about Kanye, singing old throwbacks with my girls, and taking picture of people with my bright ass camera flash.

When I woke up the next morning at my dad’s crib (cause ya girl was lit and couldn’t make it home), I was hungover but happy none the less. Even though my once fresh white vans were stained with dirt and mystery drink concoctions, when I looked through the pics I realized the how lit we actually all were. 

People were talking to each other like they hadn’t met 5 minutes ago, random strangers huddled together arm around each other so I could take a picture, boys catching rubs (and possibly feelings) lookin’ like they’ve never been so happy in their life. The whole night was filled with people showing love for one another; from complimenting outfits to sharing drinks. Just a bunch of people tryna enjoy everyone’s company and maybe catch a couple of rubs in the process. All good vibes. #daytrill was all good vibes.

#daytrill was lit. I fuck with #daytrill. I fucks with the vibes and the people. 

SHOUTOUT to @staysilentPVD for putting on this event and letting me come out and take pictures! Check out their website staysilentPVD.com for info on upcoming events.

I put some pics below so y’all can see what you might have missed out or so y’all can reminisce on the good times.

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Peace, love, Hennessy, and most importantly stay safe 



Written July 15, 2016