Code Green - Homecoming

Nothing compares to coming back home and putting on for your city in front of your city. I could say so much about the night but honestly, I lowkey talk too much and I'd much rather you just look at my fire film pics.

Shoutout to Code Green, Bucket, Rhode Island, Machine with Magnets, all the other amazing performers, and Stay Silent for putting on this event and letting me come out and take pictures.

RIP to the beer I dropped, my little bottle of henny, and most importantly my Pentax1Qzoom film camera that I also dropped.

Check out Code Green's music/instagram and follow @staysilentPVD  on twitter and check out their website for info on upcoming events.

Lastly, follow/tag us on instagram @theyouth___ .

**(if you take a picture always tag and credit me because it's wack if you don't. Always gotta respect the shooter.. come on, someone taught you better than that)**


Peace, love, henny, and most importantly stay safe

- theYOUTH


Written on January 25, 2017.