Dance like nobody's lookin'

A couple months back, I went to a Le1f show in Itaewon’s club Cakeshop. Le1f, a black queer rapper made something absolutely beautiful and special happen. For the first time in my 6 months of being in Korea, I was not only introduced to the Queer scene in Korea, but I was also introduced into the ‘voguing’ scene. Everyone in the crammed little club in the basement of some building came together, made a giant circle and just danced/vogued. They danced knowing everyone was looking but as though nobody had been. Dancing at clubs can easily be intimidating cause we get so caught up on how others might view us as we dance. But in Korea, a lot of the time I get the feeling that people just want to dance. Who really cares who’s lookin'.

Just dance.



- Written March 18, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.