Communicating without words

The other day, randomly my friend told me ‘Here in Korea, I’m so easily lost my own thoughts. Everyone around me is talking but ’cause I don’t speak Korean I don’t feel compelled to listen to and judge their lives. I kinda just do me.’

Thinking about this, I notice that whenever I hear someone speak English, I’m so quick to listen and judge their lives, though it may have no relevance to mine. In Korea, not being able to completely understand what the people around me are saying, I am more keen to noticing their mannerisms and how they physically interact with one another. Lost in my thoughts while focusing on the mannerisms of everyone around me, I have learned how to just see and understand how people communicate but through another language.

 There is this Professor at NYU, Richard Schecner, that said that before we could communicate through speech, we learned to communicate through our bodies. Looking at people in the street and observing their mannerisms, I see people communicate love, anger, passion, fear, sadness, friendship, and shame without having to say a thing. They do this through hugs, kisses, smiling, laughing, crying, holding each other, glares, etc.

I guess what I’m trying to say or ask is ‘what if we relied on our mannerisms and bodies to express how we really feel?’ Then maybe we would be able to understand each other’s hearts better.