the mission. 


Created in Seoul, South Korea before transitioning back to the U.S, [theYOUTH] looks at the youth culture, as a universal code; though transnationally ideologies and practices differentiate our subcultures. 

Based off the ideas of communitas and representation, [theYOUTH] captures the liminoid space of youth culture; the existential moments when we are experiencing communitas. Creativing a space to track culture, elevate thinking, and analyize cultural discourse within the both main and underground scenes.


 [theYOUTH] is for the culture because we are the culture. 



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The artist -


Smith College Graduate

B.A in Film and Anthropology

Minimalist that's always doing too much.

Multi-media artist whose work tries to initiate/add to discourse surrounding intersectionalities of classism, race, gender, and sexuality within popular culture.

Currently based in Seoul, South Korea